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What We Do

Education & Prevention

Providing public education & preventing genetic disorders from being passed on to newborns.

Health & Healing

Inspiring healthy habits such as pain coping and healthy eating.

Youth Transition

Where patients with genetic blood disorders transition from child-focused medical care to the adult care system.

Access to Care

A medical home focused on resources, referral and advocacy to those effected by genetic blood disorders.

About our foundation

Quest to Cure Sickle Cell Foundation, is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization that provides community outreach services to individulas with sickle cell disease and other genetic blood disorders.

Quest to Cure is continually present and provides much needed services to those battling sickle cell disease.

Because a community in crisis is a community that needs championing.

Know the
Incident Rate ...

Despite public perception, Sickle cell disease still exists and continues to devastate the lives of so many individuals and their families.


Babies born globally every year with Sickle Cell Anemia/Disease


Experts predict this global birth rate will dramaticlly increase by year 2050

1 in 13

African-American babies are born with sickle cell trait (SCT)


Babies are born with hemophilia-A each year

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