Here for Communities

Eradicating Sickle Cell Disease and other genetic blood disorders while providing direct services such as education, youth transition programs and community outreach.

Because a community in crisis is a community that needs championing.

What We Do

Education & Prevention

Providing public education & preventing genetic disorders from being passed on to newborns.

Health & Healing

Inspiring healthy habits such as pain coping and healthy eating.

Youth Transition

Where patients with genetic blood disorders transition from child-focused medical care to the adult care system.

Access to Care

A medical home focused on resources, referral and advocacy to those effected by genetic blood disorders.

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Alice Boyd, co-founder

Mission, Trust, Impact, Connection, Diversity and... Tax Benefits. .

Quest to Cure knows that those are all the reasons individuals give to nonprofit organizations. For Quest to Cure it's simple. We want to accomplish 3 basic things. Access to Adequate Medical Care; Eradicate Heritable Diseases through Education and, Assist with Transitioning children who's been negatively affected by genetic disorders from Youth to Adult Care. Your charitable donations will help us accomplish those goals.

Our mission is not a mission that affects a small community. Heritable diseases can affect anyone and knows no boundaries.

Our purpose is ongoing, and our need is ever present. As long as babies continue to be born with sickle cell trait and other heritable diseases, there will be a need for our services. Until our Quest of eradicating heritable diseases is fulfilled, Quest to Cure will continue to serve

Quest to Cure Foundation started in 2003 as a 501(c)3 Parent Led Nonprofit Organization.

Our programs provided community outreach services to children with sickle cell disease. It eventually expanded its services adding genetic disorders such as thalassemia as well as extended services to family members and adults by creating comprehensive programs that offered advocacy, education, and direct support for funeral cost due to the lack of resources in the community. In 2012 Quest to Cure closed their doors due to the founder’s twin sons Joshua and Jordan being recipients of Bone Marrow Transplant. Although Quest to Cures doors were closed, the founder Kristine remained as the go to person for community outreach and received more than ten calls a month from hospitals, individuals with genetic disorders and community organizations seeking much needed resources. It became clear that even in Quest to Cures absence, we were continually present. Kristine was then convinced to reopen Quest to Cures doors even if it meant using her own personal funds. Because a community in crisis is a community that needs championing.


Quest to Cure is and always will be the go-to community organization that caters to individuals who suffer from Sickle Cell Disease and other heritable diseases. Quest to Cure Sickle Cell Foundation was founded by Kristine Buchanan, a young lady who has five young children whom two of them, a set of identical twin boys having the most severe form of sickle cell Disease. The organization was created as a parent-to-parent support group designed to teach and promote self-advocacy which in turn would build a stronger inclusive sickle cell community. We have added to our services the “Bearing Healthy Babies Initiative” which, if done right, is designed to eradicate or dramatically decrease hereditary diseases. Quest to Cure is the Preeminent Voice for Change.


We understand that most people have never considered the possibility of their newborn baby being born with health conditions. However, despite public perception, hereditary diseases exist and continues to devastate the lives of so many individuals and their families. Education and public information are the most effective tools for increasing awareness. With television news and radio waves flooded with information on more popular health issues such as COVID19, Cancer and other life-threatening disease, people who carry heritable traits which may cause future life-threatening diseases are overlooked when in actuality if paid attention too can be prevented. That is why your support is needed.


Everyone wants to be a part of something. Quest to Cure not only need your financial support but we would also like to get to know you. We need the help of people like you because changing the world can only be done together.

If you simply want to donate funds to a great cause, Quest to Cure is a 501c3 nonprofit organization with big goals and your support can help us achieve them.

We can't help everyone,
but everyone can help someone

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